Traveler Testimonials

"..Awesome esperience.." Fabio and the family

We chose Ve travel services after some internet researches and we were not disappointed. From the starting with Jasmine always helpful with any our requests, and in Egypt with Ayman who welcomed us in Cairo and explained the whole tour. The competence of the guides (Ashraf who accompanied us for all excursions in Cairo and Emad who guided us throughout the Nile cruise) was perfect! The kindness and availability of all staff combined with the marvelous beauty and Egypt's wealth made our trip unforgettable. Consigliatissimi !!! Thanks for everything!!!

Fabio and the family

"..Unforgettable experience.." Elena and Leo

My partner and I went to Egypt this summer buying a personalized tour with Egyptian Holidays. It has practically become our honeymoon! Unforgettable experience and fabulous places ... We did a week of cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan (splendid). three days by sea in Ain El Sokhna, a seaside destination loved by the Egyptians just two hours from Cairo and 4 days in Cairo with a package of excursions in the city. The guides are all prepared Egyptologists and speak Italian very well. The tour operator is really excellent and Jasmine is extraordinary in personalizing stages and times. We would leave again tomorrow and will certainly travel again with Egyptian holidays, choosing other itineraries in Egypt and the Middle East. Love at first sight :-)

Elena and Leo

"..Amazing.." Elena

Our magnificent experience in Egypt begins in Cairo with Ayman who welcomes us to the airport on 31/12. On 1/1 he offers (without wanting anything in return) to accompany us to Cairo for a free day. Cairo, confusional city, not too clean, full of cars that ring, no highway code. Pedestrians must run dangerously from one side of the pedestrian walkway to the other to cross the street. The psychological terror that aired in us before the holiday was high because everyone told us that it was very dangerous as a city. Actually we, fortunately or by accident, in the short time we found ourselves very well and we shot it with ease. 2/01 we meet Doaa (called Dudu) our guide for the Plain of Giza and for the Egyptian Museum. Very good person on a human level. Even though ours was a few hours' acquaintance, she passed on to us all that she is. Also working speaking she was an excellent guide, very attentive, kind and caring. 3 / 01-5 / 01 with a flight we reach Aswan where we meet Hassan ready to recover us at the airport. With him we begin the cruise on the Nile. In addition to our itinerary, it offers us extra excursions: Abu Simbel and the hot air balloon ride. Always wake up very early (4-5 in the morning) to be able to see as much as possible. Guide very prepared, attentive, kind, with a good heart. He always leaves us time (although sometimes we didn't have much available) to take some pictures. With him we also see the Aswan dam, the Phiael temple, Kom Ombo, Edfu temple. While on the ship we pass through the dam / lock of Esna. We continue our journey to see the Luxor Temple with the path of the sphinxes, the hot air balloon ride, the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Hassan turns out to be more of a friend than a guide for all the attention he gives us. I wanted to thank Jasmine who recommended us by an Egyptian friend made us an ad hoc holiday making us 1, save a lot compared to the agencies and quotes made in Italy, 2 followed us day by day despite the distance answering my thousand questions at any time of the day , night and week. I want to spend the last word on the taxi drivers and drivers who accompanied us on our trip. All very kind and they too have been a bit of guides explaining different things about the city and the life of the Egyptians.

Elena and the family

"..egyptian Holidays: the certainty of a perfect holiday!" Marina and the family

In 8 years, it is the third time that Jasmine has organized our holidays in Egypt to perfection (2 times in Cairo and now the Christmas Cruise on the Nile). Jasmine is attentive to every customer need, from the "ad hoc" choice of the program, to the choice of the motor ship and booking of the best rooms. Our package for four people included travel by plane from Italy to Luxor (round trip), a 7-night stay in the Semiramis II motorboat, all transfers to and from the airport; in Luxor the visit of the Valley of the Kings, Hactepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple (also the night show of sound and light) and Luxor Temple and visit to the market; in Kom Ombo a visit to the Temple of Haroeris and Sobek; in Aswan the visit of the high dam, the temple of Philae on an island 7 km south of Aswan, the felucca ride and the walk in the spice market; the visit by land (280 km south of Aswan, along the desert) to the Abu Simbel Temple and to the Temple of the goddess Heator having in front of the beautiful Lake Nasser; and in Edfu the visit of the Temple dedicated to Horus. All our trips were made with new, clean and well maintained minibuses, with a / c, and with experienced and very kind drivers. Upon our arrival in Luxor we were received by AMAD, an expert guide and a profound connoisseur of the history of Egypt, who accompanied us for the duration of the holiday. Amad, an egitologist with great experience in the tourism of wonderful Egypt, as well as opening up the story to the utmost, explaining it in every detail (he was "bombarded" with questions and he did not make a mistake!), He was also attentive to our every need throughout navigation, also taking care of our logistics during navigation. Thanks also to the choice of times, despite an intense program we managed to rest on the ship and enjoy the beautiful navigation on the Nile. Bravissimo Amad, allowed us to stay tranquli and to know deeply the places visited! Excellent quality / price ratio: prices much lower than those charged by Italian tour operators. What can we say, let's start organizing the fourth tapa in Egypt with Egyptian Holidays! Highly recommended tour operator.

Marina and the family

"..Our tour in Egypt.."Leo and the family

We have visited lots of ancient sites, we did a lovely cruise on the Nile river, we visited Cairo and its famous and not discovered places. The atmosphere was really good, the guides professional and gentle.

Leonida and the family